Make Sony PMW-1000 XAVC Footage Accepted by Final Cut Pro

Have you got any ideas on how to make our XAVC files from Sony PMW-1000 camera smoothly edited in Final Cut Pro? Let’s move on!

In a word, this guide below mainly has a topic on Sony PMW-X1000 camera and the Mac hottest editing tool Final Cut Pro. As we all know the output footage XAVC cannot be directly imported in Final Cut Pro, in this article, you can find the best way to solve the problems well.

‘I works for a television studio and recently I took some swimming match video clips that I need to show them to our audience. To make the videos shorter and add some subtitles during the broadcast, we choose the FCP to do the editing. But something seems wrong when we work them together, I shot the recording with my Sony PMW-1000 camcorder, any suggestions there?

As the most popular editing app, Final Cut Pro is the best one for our Mac users, while not all recordings can be supported by FCP you know. XAVC is the typical one which has the high definition image quality but has the limitation with FCP. Cause some Mac users complained that some other third-party plug-ins cannot handle this work well, we here strongly recommend you the XAVC to FCP assistant called Pavtube HD Video Converter for Mac for all of you guys.(need Windows version?)

With a good reputation online and no quality lost during the conversion, it is said the great conversion tool that can handle almost all popular editing software and media players. So many different output formats are offered there for your selections. Would you like to know more details?

Note: For more footage from other Sony cameras, why not go to this Sony Topic to find some related articles?

Download the install the program, launch it and the main interface will pop up there in front of us. It is okay if you drag your files directly in. Or with the ‘Add video’ and ‘Add from folder’, we can also let our source files in. Fortunately, for the popular FCP, on the output list we have the special ones that you don’t have to look them for a long time. ‘Final Cut Pro’>>’Apple ProRes Codec 422(*.mov)’ as the typical one we suggested, you won’t miss it.

Tips: Other several types of Apple ProRes codec we can take a reference here, you can surely choose them as your favorite if you like.

In order to show the final match videos to the audience, I guess you must need to make some changes there. In this ‘Edit’ button on the main interface, we can easily decide the video length by ‘Trim’. Do some decorations of the videos by ‘Crop’. Explain something to the audience? ‘Subtitles’ may do you a big favor. Or the ‘advanced mode’ there you may be more interested, right?

Finally, we also here have the necessary steps of transferring files to FCP for those people who are the first time to work with FCP. Is that cool? At the end, we won’t wait a long time to get the output files smoothly edited in FCP. You all have my word.

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