Make AVCHD MTS Files Recognized by Pinnacle Studio 17

Guide below shows some tips on how can Pinnacle Studio recognize the AVCHD MTS videos shoot by Sony or Panasonic cameras.

Quick learn about AVCHD MTS:
AVCHD MTS file---a video files format created specifically for high-definition HD digital camcorders which was developed jointly by Sony and Panasonic. For nowadays, it is also supported by Canon, JVC, etc video camcorders. It is encoded with AVC codec which is the most effective compressing method and good for streaming, but so hard for editing, such as the popular editing system Pinnacle Studio.

Further learning on Pinnacle Studio
Pinnacle Studio is a powerful editing tool and ranks among the best. With all of the standard editing features, besides, it has some unique perks such as the capacity of working with HDTV video format and original transitions or sound effects. Videographers are all attracted with friendly interface and easy operation. Pinnacle Studio’s favorite video format are AVI, WMV instead of AVCHD MTS.

Pinnacle Studio has any methods of recognizing AVCHD MTS files?
With the analysis above, it seems a problem when you edit AVCHD files in Pinnacle Studio. Actually, we have already overcome the difficulty with a AVCHD MTS Video Converter---to make AVCHD MTS files accepted by Pinnacle Studio. The following tutorial will you how does this program work for Pinnacle Studio.

Transfer AVCHD MTS files from camcorder to your computer with USB cable for a preparation. Add you files with ‘Add video’ or ‘Add from folder’ on main interface.

For looking the best format with Pinnacle Studio, open the ‘Format’ bar list to find ‘HD Video’>>’AVI HD Video(*.avi) as the output video formats. Also, ‘WMV HD(*.wmv) is another choice.

Another functional item called ‘Settings’ to customize advanced audio and video parameters like size, bitrates, frame rate, audio codec, sample rate, etc. Cause we select HD Video above, we advise A/V parameters to be the same with source AVCHD MTS files.

Finally, click the red icon ‘Convert’ to start your conversion. For more, you can take the extra guides for a reference or leave us a message below.


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