Play PXW-X180 XAVC on QuickTime

With XAVC HD videos recorded by Sony PXW-X180, would you like to join us in a talking on playing XAVC on QuickTime?


‘My name is Johnson and I’m an amateurish photographer. Last week I took part in a road cycling race and recorded the whole race with my Sony PXW-X180 Camera and now I would like to share it to my friends on facebook. But unfortunately I wanna make it shorter in QuickTime with error format. Could you give me some suggestions?

The question above mentioned that QuickTime can’t accept the HD XAVC videos recorded by Sony PXW-x180. So how much do you know about the XAVC footage?

As the newest HD recording format announced by Sony, XAVC has gained much attention since it is released.  As the special HD codec with Sony limitation in video format, it can’t be accepted in FCP/iMovie/Premiere, etc. So frankly speaking, it has become a trouble when editing in popular editing software.

In a word, to make XAVC HD recordings smoothly edited in QuickTime with a best format named QuickTime MOV,  XAVC to QuickTime HD Video Converter for Mac is a necessary choice. Do you wanna some good suggestions on how to convert Sony XAVC to QuickTime? Let’s read below here:

Firstly, download and run XAVC to QuickTime Converter for Mac and click “Add” button or “Add from folder” to load XAVC files from PXW-X180 to be converted.

Then, Choose MOV, the best video format for QuickTime.
Click on the drop-down list of “Format”, and follow “Common Video’>>QuickTime (*.mov)” for this XAVC to MOV natively transcoding for QuickTime. By choosing this profile, you will get MOV video with the least loss of original video quality.

Next, ’Settings’ for additional design on output videos if you like. Codec h.264, Size, Bitrates or Frame Rate. In Audio list, you can also change your channels, Mono, stereo or 5.1 channels.

Finally, click ‘Convert’ button to start your conversion. To realize Johnson’s wishes, XAVC to QuickTime Video Converter indeed does a great favor so just enjoy the road cycling match!

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