AVCHD to Kdenlive Converter- Edit Sony PJ380 1080/60p mts files in Kdenlive

Sony's HDR-PJ380 60p HD Handycam Camcorder is a Full HD 1920 x 1080 video camera that shoots at 60 progressive frames per second and stores the video on its 16GB of internal flash memory. With the HDR-PJ380 you can take 8.9MP still photos while simultaneously shooting HD video (in some modes). A built-in zoom microphone records audio, and the camera's built-in monaural speaker provides audio playback from the camera. You can choose from AVCHD or MP4 formats for image quality or smaller file sizes depending on your needs.

As we know, Kdenlive is a nice editor due to its multi-functions, like adding various video and audio effects, and exporting videos to DVD with chapters and simple menu. However, you will find that you can't edit Sony HDR-PJ380 1080/60p AVCHD files directly in Kdenlive. Kdenlive relies on ffmpeg and the video format that Kdenlive can support includes MOV, AVI, WMV, MPEG, and Flash Video. Certainly the 1080/60p AVCHD footages from Sony HDR-PJ380 can not be readable or recognized by Kdenlive.

So if you want to transfer Sony PJ380 1080 60p files to Kdenlive, you need to convert Sony PJ380 AVCHD to Kdenlive best editing codec and format, and then you can edit Sony PJ380 footages in Kdenlive smoothly without rendering. Below is a guide for you to transcode Sony PJ380 1080 60p AVCHD to Kdenlive.

Step 1. Download the best MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac.

Install and run the Mac AVCHD Converter as the best Sony AVCHD to Kdenlive Converter, and directly drag and drop Sony 1080 60p PJ380 AVCHD videos. 

Step 2. Select output video format compatible with Kdenlive. 

Click the drop-down list in the Format line and choose QuickTime MOV for editing in Kdenlive.

quick time mov profile How to Play XAVC on QuickTime Easily and Quickly
Step 3. Adjust the output video's parameters as you want.

Click the Setting button after the Format to get the Profile Settings.

Step 4. Convert Sony PJ380 1080 60p MTS/M2TS to Kdenlive for editing on Mac OS X.

Click the “Convert” button to start converting Sony PJ380 MTS/M2TS to MOV for Kdenlive. With this Sony AVCHD to MOV Converter, you can edit Sony PJ380 video in Kdenlive smoothly.

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